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Jun 3, 2021

Have you heard the saying ‘green with envy?’ and wondered where it came from? It comes from the emotional association of envy (jealousy) with the liver and gallbladder. And funnily enough, the gallbladder produces bile, which is green! 

Today we are talking about which emotions affect what body organs and systems. In a similar fashion to the green with envy example, we can look at different emotions and see the effects they have on certain parts of the body.

The Chinese medicine system helps us gain better understanding as it corresponds to the different body organs and systems with emotions. Drawing on this system, I have described some of the body systems and their corresponding emotions, as well as the recommended essential oils for these areas. But please keep in mind that this is a surface level look into a very deep and complex topic. So if you enjoy what you learn today, know that there is much much more to discover!


Our kidneys (and adrenals) are associated with fear. When the adrenals are overworked (due to too much nervous system stimulation) we get exhausted. So we know that where there is fear, there is also exhaustion. 

When we are thinking about how to treat fear we can think of the law of opposites. The opposite of fear is knowledge. This is because fear is related to the unknown. When we are afraid we are scared of what might occur (be it in 10 seconds or 10 years). Ie. We are projecting into the future. The way we balance this is by focusing on the present. There is a beautiful essential oil blend called Present Time which works wonders for bringing the mind back to the here and now and thus is also extremely beneficial for states of fear. Another essential oil blend I highly recommend is called Valor because it helps us to have courage in the face of fear (Valor also contains oils which help to calm us, which work to also calm the adrenals).

Lungs & heart 

When looking at the Chinese medicine system we look at the lungs & heart connection and grief is the emotion which affects these areas. If you think about what grief is, it is the loss of something. We also want to take note here that sadness does not necessarily mean grief. Sadness is an emotion which we can experience in reaction to a range of stimulus but grief is another level where we are feeling the pain of loss.

The opposite of grief (loss) is abundance. And so when looking at treating grief, we support the lungs and cardiovascular system as well as bringing in lots of support and nurturing emotionally so the person can experience emotional abundance again. 

Because of the association with the lungs, people experiencing severe grief often experience respiratory illnesses - e.g. emphysema, chronic coughs, colds etc.

As we know by now, we can’t separate mind and body. If you know what oil works for the body then it will correspond with the emotion of that area and vice versa. Ylang Ylang is known to work well on the circulatory system and it is also a ‘happy’ oil which brings us connection and thus fills a void often experienced in grief. 

Aromalife supports and strengthens the pumping action of the heart and is also a worthwhile blend to reach for. 


When looking at the emotional association with musculoskeletal injuries or problems as yourself, where is the injury and what is it preventing you from doing? How is this serving your current thought process? Are you avoiding something or feeling like you can’t get anywhere in life (legs/feet) or perhaps you are feeling unsupported (back pain)? You may notice that your comments relate not only to your problem but also to your thought processes and thus life generally.


Your thyroid and throat area relate to speaking your truth. It also relates to listening to others and feeling like you are being heard. Someone who isn’t speaking their truth may make sounds like they are clearing their throat all the time. If this is you, or if you have any constriction or pain in the throat or thyroid area, ask yourself, what aren't you saying? Or what are you saying that you don't really believe? We often see this manifest in couples where one person is more dominant than the other. The submissive person often does not speak up and thus manifests problems with the throat or thyroid. 

The essential oil myrtle really helps with self expression. It is also useful for anyone who has lost their voice. 

Digestive problems 

When the digestive system is not functioning properly it is losing nourishment and therefore is also related to not nourishing the self properly. The pancreas is closely related to digestive problems as it creates the enzymes needed to break down particles (and thus receive the nourishment). The pancreas is emotionally related to not having ‘sweetness’ in life. Do you see the connection? Physically the pancreas also regulates our blood sugar levels and people who have illnesses related to pancreas (eg diabetics) can often be bitter and dissatisfied with life. When people lose the sweetness from life they try to get it through sweet foods instead. This is how it affects the pancreas and leads to diabetes. The essential oils ocotea, cinnamon and cassia are wonderful essential oils for balancing this area. 

When it comes to the bowels constipation often means you are not letting go of something whereas diarrhoea can mean you have finally let go!


The liver is a processor of strong negative emotions (eg anger, jealousy etc) and the essential oils which are beneficial for supporting the gallbladder and liver are german chamomile, geranium, ledum and a blend called JuvaCleanse. 

A tip - If you are supporting yourself with essential oils to help with emotions associated with the liver, be mindful not to eat a heavy diet (fatty foods etc) that will burden the liver, as this will be counterproductive. We must support the body (eg eating low GI carbs, fresh vegetables, minerals, lots of water etc) when cleansing emotions just as we need to support the emotions (coaching/counselling, journaling, self development practices) when we are detoxifying the body. 

If detoxifying emotions, use an oil blend called Release and apply over the liver. 


We can’t really pinpoint just one emotion for the skin because when our skin is showing signs of chronically being upset, it is a symptom of a deeper problem, most likely related to hormones. These longer term skin issues are quite often related to feeling unseen.

An acute skin problem which is itchy and red is most likely related to detoxification, so there may be an emotion which you have repressed which is wanting to come out.  

Emotions have STRONG effects!

Our emotions have very strong and REAL effects on the body. Many years ago I saw a girl who was experiencing hemorrhaging with no apparent cause. After speaking with her I found out she was engaged and that she was not wanting to go through with the wedding. After speaking with me she decided to be honest and cancel the wedding. Her hemorrhaging symptoms disappeared. 

Be mindful of your words. “MY back pain” means you are owning it. Instead say “This back pain I am experiencing”... and then apply Panaway!

Essential Oils: 

We have mentioned many essential oils in today’s blog. It’s worth noting that essential oils bind to receptor sites of cells to create an action. If the body doesn't need it, the oils won’t bind and thus will be excreted by the body. This is why different people get different results. Because we are all unique in our needs. 

When choosing essential oils, trust your intuition. We have the same ability as animals to smell and sense what we need versus what we should avoid, we just don’t trust ourselves and have been taught to seek the answers for our problems outside of ourselves. 

In saying this, it is handy to have a base level of education and if your problems are complicated, guidance may be helpful. 

If you would like to learn more about essential oils and how to use them, please get in contact with the clinic to arrange an appointment with Maria, who will help you to choose the right ones for your specific circumstances as well as teach you how to use them.


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This week’s episode was a conversation between host Maria Arora (Naturopath) and Michelle Marsh (Aromanosis Coach).