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Sep 7, 2021

Also known as Chloasma, Melasma is a condition where there is hyperpigmentation of the skin (dark discolouration). It usually shows on the face, especially around the cheek area but can show over the whole face at times. It is also a condition which affects mainly females with South Eastern Asian genetics, but it can affect anyone including males. 

What is the difference between Melasma and Chloasma?

Chloasma is when the discolouration is caused by pregnancy.

What triggers Melasma?

The primary trigger of Melasma is hormones. In particular, an imbalance between Progesterone and Estrogen. 

Stress (a primary and secondary trigger) can aggravate the condition as well as other conditions which cause hormonal imbalance (for example, pregnancy). 

How do we treat Melasma?

The first step is to see what your hormone levels are through a saliva test. We can then work on balancing your hormones. 

For topical support (on the affected area) we use a natural exfoliator made with fruit peel along with other natural products. 

Nutritional support is important if you are under long term stress (have something to ‘push’ through) or are pregnant.

Can it be cured?

In some cases we can reverse Melasma, but this depends on individual circumstances like age and general health. In most cases we can stop it from progressing or reduce the presentation.

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