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Welcome to Essentially Quinny - A podcast to help you learn more about your body and all the things that affect your health.

I have more than 12 years experience in the Natural Health field working with practitioners and doctors and speaking all over the world.

With more and more people wanting to take responsibility for their health and well being, I am bringing weekly episodes to you so you can make informed choices towards your good health.

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Apr 21, 2021

“Sometimes what we know, is not what we do.” Maria Arora

For the next 3 episodes we are talking about stress. Stress affects EVERYONE. Not just adults working hard. It affects children, the elderly, the sick and the healthy. No-one is immune. 

What is stress?

Stress is when there is something that your body has to...

Apr 14, 2021

You will often hear me talking about pH and if you have been wondering why, then keep reading/listening!

If your body’s pH is out then your body cannot take the steps it needs to keep it in balance. Too acid means you have a low pH and too alkaline means you have a high pH. 

Our cells are braided into an extracellular...