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Feb 16, 2021

Today we are talking about Potassium Sulphate (Kali Sulph), which is tissue salt # 6. To learn about the first 5 tissue salts and why tissue salts are an incredible support to our bodies, head back to episode number 8 where we began this fascinating series. 

Potassium Sulphate is responsible for the third stage of inflammation. If the body has lost its capacity to bounce back from stages 1 or 2 of inflammation it progresses into the 3rd stage. For example in the case of a cough, the cough quickly becomes purulent (i.e. yellow and thick with a putrid smell), expectoration (coughing it up) becomes a little difficult and the airways become infected. This is when we need potassium sulphate. 

Dissolve 6 to 10 tablets of the tissue salt into a bottle or glass of water and consume over 30 minutes (swishing around the mouth before swallowing). Repeat this 2 or 3 times a day. This is a wonderful way to create a quick shift. 

Potassium Sulphate is also a great tissue salt to have in the case of chronic sinus conditions. When we look at chronic sinus issues we are looking at a condition which has gone beyond creating an infection. In these cases we quite often see the secretions from the nose getting infected as well. They become green, thick and smelly. You may also see at this stage, stripes of bright red in the secretions which shows that there is some irritation of the membranes and they are slightly bleeding on the mucosa. If this is the case, ferrum phosphate (tissue salt #3) will be helpful as discussed in a previous episode. 

Is potassium sulphate enough at this stage of inflammation? No. Hopefully you are already using tissue salts 3 and 4 (helpful for stages 1 and 2 of inflammation) and then you can add # 6. 

If you put these in place quickly when symptoms first appear you will find that you can take great control of your body. The key is that as you are getting better you reduce the quantity and frequency of what you are doing. 

Sometimes we leave these simple support measures too long to implement and in these cases you may need further support and intervention from a professional if symptoms are persisting or serious. In the clinic we will prescribe isopathy, homeopathic or essential oils for additional support.

Do we require antibiotics for these conditions?

No. Antibiotics are what we require when we have a serious bacterial condition and we do not know what else to do. Of course, having medical advice in these cases is very important as some bacterial infections can move very quickly from almost nothing into a situation where your life is at risk (although these are rare). 

You will find that you do not require antibiotics for everyday flus and colds if you have a healthy diet, exercise regularly and support your immune system throughout the year. 

Recognising a deficiency of Potassium Sulphate

When you are deficient in potassium sulphate you will get a slight yellowish tinge over your face. This appears in a triangular shape going from the corners of the eyes to the mouth. 

Potassium sulphate plays a huge role in cleansing skin conditions as well as supporting the liver and pancreas. For this reason, tissue salt #6 is phenomenal for supporting conditions where the liver and/or pancreas is not in good shape (e.g. blood sugar problems).

In fact there is a cleanse we sometimes prescribe using all the sulphates, Nat Sulph ( # 10), Kali Sulph (#6) and Calc Sulph (#12), alternating 2 off each throughout the day for 6 weeks. This is a cleansing ritual that can begin supporting your skin in general. 

In simple terms, anything with an infective type of character (including things like inflamed gums and abscess), you will find potassium sulphate to be helpful. 


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