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Feb 3, 2021

This week we are talking about tissue salt #4, Kali Mur, also known as Potassium Chloride. If you haven’t listened to our other episodes in this series then we highly recommend going back to the episode called ‘Mineral Therapy’ and beginning there.

Potassium Chloride is responsible for the second stage of inflammation. This stage occurs if the body cannot calm down the original presentation of inflammation. As we discussed last week this shows up in our bodies as redness, swelling and heat.

In the second stage of inflammation the body also begins to produce mucous. For example, we see this in the case of a virus where a sore throat first devops (stage 1), which is followed by a runny nose and cough from the excess of mucous that the body is struggling to get rid of (stage 2). As the immune system kicks in you will also notice the lymph nodes around the neck getting larger. 

Potassium Chloride is known as a mucolytic and it enhances expectoration of mucous. (Expectoration is the ability to cough up and remove mucous from the lungs and bronchi). 

Kali Mur and tissue salt #3, Ferrum Phos are beneficial to take together in Winter (listen to last week’s episode for details on how to take there).

Have you got Leaky Gut? When you have leaky gut, or gut permeability, the mucosa of the intestinal tract has been slightly damaged which leads to proteins moving through the epithelial junctions causing an immune response. Kali Mur can help to heal and then keep intact this vital mucosal lining which runs from our nose all the way down to our rectum. 

It is worth noting here, that many people take probiotic supplements (good bacteria) as they are essential for a healthy gut, however if your mucous tract is not in good condition then the probiotic bacteria will not be able adhere to it and will just pass through and be ineffective. 

Potassium Chloride also has a wonderful quality in that it allows the regulation of the thickening and thinning of your blood. For this reason it is a very good mineral to take when on long flights (to help prevent clots).

When Potassium Chloride is deficient we are going to notice a little pinkish, purplish tinge under the lower lid of the eyes. This presentation is very noticeable in small children. You will also be able to see fine veins over the face and back of the neck. 

Another sign of Potassium Chloride deficiency are persistent colds and coughs that feel like they ‘hang around.’

Next week we will be talking about Potassium Sulphate, which is responsible for the 3rd stage of inflammation. 


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