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Nov 17, 2020

If the body and mindset are not aligned with your goals then you are going to have trouble reaching your goals.

How does this work?

To start with, let’s look at the hormonal system. Our hormones can control our mood. They are proteins and they connect different parts of our body, acting like a messenger.

For example, some hormones control sugars, some help us to grow and some are the commonly known sex hormones which regulate our libido amongst other things. There are lots of different types of hormones and each of our hormones have a different duty. 

When talking about goal setting, we need to have the right state of mind to understand what goals we want to achieve and then to be able to persevere in order to integrate and reach our goal. 

For this to occur we need specific hormones to help us have resilience. One of these hormones is testosterone. 


How do we know if our hormones are in balance before we begin goal setting?

We start by asking ourselves, do we feel happy, depressed, anxious and/or demotivated? If so your sex hormones may not be in balance. For example, if you are anxious it could likely be your progesterone out of balance. Similarly, if you are demotivated, testosterone could be out of balance. 

If you have these emotions coming up regularly then you may want to get your hormone levels tested.


What role does stress play in creating hormone imbalance?

It is worth noting that the more stress we have in our lives, the more your hormones are out of balance. 

A lot more people are experiencing hormonal disruptions since the pandemic. This is because of the high stress levels everyone is experiencing for many different reasons. 

What is scary, is that many people do not even recognise they are stressed. This is why meditation and mindfulness are so important.

When you are stressed, your adrenal gland produces excess cortisol. When this happens long term it gets metabolised into other inflammatory hormones that cause disruption throughout the body. 

One of these hormones is estrogen. Estrogen is both a male and female hormone and rises when the body is under stress. 

There are different types of estrogen and synthetic fragrances and toxins can act as a fake estrogen (known as a xenoestrogen), further increasing our estrogen levels. 

What happens with fake estrogens is they look like natural estrogen to our body and so lock onto the receptor sites meant for our real estrogen. The problem with this is that fake estrogens cannot do what real estrogen does and thus the body’s balance is disrupted. 

Synthetic estrogen is different from a xenoestrogen (fake estrogen), in that it is a laboratory, man-made estrogen. It is worth noting that synthetic estrogen does NOT have the same action within the body as natural estrogen. 


The effect of fragrances, toxins and medications on our hormones

Under the word fragrance is a cocktail of chemicals that don’t have to be listed on a product’s label. These are highly toxic and we can now see in the umbilical cords of newborns, a huge amount of these chemicals present, which have been passed from the mother to the baby.

Nature uses many active molecules to get an action. Medications try to mimic nature by creating just one or two of what scientists consider to be the active molecule in a medicinal plant. The problem though, is all of the other tiny molecules which are ignored help to create balance and avoid nasty side effects. This is one theory as to why synthetic medications have so many side effects in comparison to their natural counterparts. 

When the estrogen levels are high, it imbalances the levels of testosterone in men and progesterone in women. To give you an example, if you have high levels of estrogen you are going to become more rigid in your mindset and you are going to become moody and foggy. This is similar for testosterone but you can also become a bit of a “bully”. Why is this important? If you have high levels of estrogen or testosterone, this kind of behaviour is going to affect others around you and what you are able to achieve, without noticing what the cause is. 

Low progesterone on the other hand, causes anxiety, poor libido, slow mental cognition, small joint aches and pains and poor sleep. 


How do I know if my hormones are affecting my ability to set and reach my goals?

When setting goals you are going to have difficulty if your hormones are out of balance.

If you want to know your hormone levels, saliva testing is recommended. 

A saliva test shows testosterone, the different types of estrogen and progesterone

For women, there is a particular time of month that the test needs to be done for an accurate reading. 


What else can I do to support my hormonal balance?

We need to clean up our environment and body to ensure we are physically well to have the mindset needed for goal setting. 

The liver does a lot of the cleansing in our body. It detoxes heavy metals, toxic pesticides, hormones and anything else the body needs to be rid of. If you are overloading your liver with things like coffee (which is a toxin), poor diet choices, toxic products etc, your body will store the toxins instead of cleansing them out. Further to this, depending on your genetic makeup, you may not be able to process certain toxins, which means it is holding and storing it somewhere in the body every time you consume, inhale or apply it.

Genetic profiling and blood analysis can help you to understand what you can and cannot process within your body. 

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