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Jan 27, 2021

Today we are continuing to develop the topic of Mineral Therapy and we are talking about Scheussler’s Tissue Salt #3 - Iron Phosphate. 

Before we delve into Iron Phosphate (Ferrum Phos) however, it is good to have an understanding of the first stage of inflammation.

If something in the body is inflamed it is generally red, hot and swollen. Sensations like burning, pain and throbbing are also common. These sensations and observations are usually the first stage of inflammation. 

We most often think of inflammation on the external surfaces of the body but your internal body also gets inflamed. We cannot see this, but we can feel it. For example, an inflamed intestine (gut) will give you aches, pains and a loose bowel. Other common internal inflammation experiences include a sore throat and headache. 

Iron Phosphate is an important mineral that will assist you with a quick ‘cooling down,’ and will support the process of coming back into an homeostatic balance.   


How to take Ferrum Phos

When taking Iron Phosphate as Ferrum Phos Tissue Salt, it is not the same as taking an Iron tablet, liquid or capsule. By using Iron Phosphate in the tissue salt form, you are ensuring that this vital mineral is reaching the cell faster. This gives the body a tool to compensate for any deficiency (head back to the “Mineral Therapy” episode to learn more about this).

Ferrum Phos is a typical mineral that you use in small amounts and often. It is dosed this way because if something is inflamed we need to shift it quickly to prevent further damage. 

For example, if you are bitten by an insect and do not want to experience the usual inflammation symptoms then you can take 2 tablets under the tongue every 10 minutes for one hour and then decrease as the symptoms improve. 

Or if you are experiencing inflammation of a different nature you could drink 10 tablets dissolved in a water bottle twice per day. Post exercise is a good example of when to use this method as muscle recovery depends on Ferrum Phos as well as the clearance of lactic acid. For this reason, combining tissue salt #9, Nat Phos, together with #3 Ferrum Phos will effectively aid muscle recovery.

Another important usage of tissue salt #3 is when we have skin conditions resulting in a lot of redness and swelling. For this, we can crush the tablet with the back of a wooden spoon and sprinkle it onto the area.  For a calming and cooling effect of the inflamed area, combine tissue salt #2 (Calcium Phosphate) with #3 (Ferrum Phos) for skin symptoms. 

For small cuts, you can crush a tablet and sprinkle a good quantity onto the cut to stop the bleeding. Of course, if it is a large cut, use common sense and seek medical attention. 

For boosting the immune system we can combine tissue salt #4, Kali Mur (which we will talk about next week) with Ferrum Phos. For this combination, you take two of each every morning, to help prevent getting sick during Winter. Or if you are ever feeling a little unwell and think you might be ‘coming down with something,’ then you can take these two or three times a day for a short period of time and then decrease back down to two tablets of each per day. There is no danger in taking these for a prolonged period of time. As we have said before, the quantity for children and babies will depend on the age, condition and improvement seen. 

If your ferritin storage is very low then you may need to take tissue salt #3 along with the macro dose (Iron Supplement). 


How do we know we need Ferrum Phosphate, Tissue #3?

When we look at someone and see a red face, cheeks and ears it is a good sign that Iron Phosphate is out of balance in the body. 

If you poke out your tongue and see a little red triangle tip, this is another sign of inflammatory processes occurring in the body. 



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