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Mar 31, 2021

This is the last episode of our Mineral Therapy Series. Hopefully you have learned many possible ways to use tissue salts in your everyday life. It is also important to note that we need to reach out for professional support if our problems are a bit deeper. To learn about the first 10 issue salts and why tissue salts are an incredible support to our bodies, head back to episode number 8 where we began this fascinating series. 


The keyword for this tissue salt is permeability. If something is permeable, it means that a gas or liquid is able to move through it. For example, a piece of cloth is permeable, whereas plastic is not. Our skin is made up of a network of cells and our body can send signals to either increase or decrease the distance between the cells in order to increase or decrease the permeability. 

Calc Sulph is an important tissue salt for clearing chronic infections. It does this by increasing the permeability of parts of your body that allow for the drainage of pus, infections and generally anything that shouldn’t be there. This action means it directly aids your lymphatic system. 

Infections are generally dealt with by our bodies by moving the infectious particles through our lymphatic system to be processed and drained through our lymph nodes. Capillaries (tiny tubes) are found throughout our body and these vessels drain the fluid (which contains the infection) from the problematic area and carry it to the lymphatic organs so it can be cleared from the body. The lymphatic organs are located in the torso (ie, not the extremities or head) and include bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, thymus, tonsils and mucous membranes.  This drainage happens mainly due to gravity so if we are standing for a long time it becomes stagnant in the feet.

If the lymphatic system is clogged for any reason (I.e. acid matrix), the body will have difficulty draining and getting rid of infection. In these cases the skin becomes the site where the infection is pushed out of the body.


Symptoms of Calc Sulph deficiency:

Chronic infections: If you have difficulty clearing infections then it is likely you are suffering deficiencies of all the calcium tissue salts as well as having a low pH (acid). 

Infected toe nails: If you think about the time we spend standing (or even sitting) with our feet being at the lowest point of our body, the lymphatic system needs to work against gravity to clear the infection. Tissue salt 11 is very helpful along with tissue salt #12 for infected toenails. These tissue salts can be crushed and sprinkled over the infection.

Boils: This is an infection of accumulated fluid on the mucous membranes, due to toxicity. Boils can also occur due to external burns, viruses or bacteria.  

Tongue: Inflamed with infected sores, flabby and yellow coating at the back. 

Face: The face gets a certain look about it where it is chalk-like or porcelain beyond a normal ‘pale’ complexion. If the face is presenting like this we also want to replace tissue salts #1 and #2. 

Convex wrinkles on the face: Scroll to the end of this blog post for more information on what our wrinkles tell us. 

Detox headaches and sluggishness: If your body is trying to detox and you are suffering from headaches and or sluggishness Calc Sulph can help your lymphatic system to drain the toxins and thus release the pressure you are experiencing. 

Acidity: Calc Sulph helps to break down acid.

Gout: Due to its ability to break down acid, Calc Suph is especially helpful for gout 

Emotional: Lazy, fatigued or inactive. Worrying about things that will not likely happen. When the lymphatic system is not draining properly, the body ends up being full of toxins and body processes become sluggish. This sluggish feeling is translated not just to our physical energy but also to our emotional state. 

Further looking at this emotional state, we can see that tissue salt #12 helps with any ‘stagnation,’ and thus it is helpful in cases of shock where the nervous system has gone into shut down.  

An example of using it for mild  shock is to use it for babies after their first bath. Often the first bath for newborns is a difficult experience and it's a good mineral to consider adding to the bath water (4 or 5 tablets) to help counter any effects of shock. 



In an adult this tissue salt is a little different in that we can take quite a lot in one dose (up to 10 tablets, three times a day). This higher than norm dose is because when we take it we are wanting to jump start the body into its processes of draining and moving. To take, pop 10 tablets into a bottle of warm water and sip it over half an hour. 

For most cases when we are looking at improving draining and excretion of toxins we combine Calc Sulph (#12)  with tissue salt # 9 and # 10. This is because # 9 helps to balance our pH (reduce acid) and #10 supports our liver. 

It is also good to remind ourselves (again) that if we are supporting our body in flushing toxins/infection then diet is very important. If we are taking tissue salt #9 to help balance pH but we are drinking fizzy drinks and eating food that makes us acid, then we are counteracting the effect of the tissue salt. 


It’s our last episode of this series so here are some reminders:

Wrinkles that appear when tissue salts are low:

#1 - Crows feet, parallel lines, lower eyelid

#2 - Diamond wrinkles

#9 - Parallel, perpendicular lines on top lip (often known as smoker lip)

#11 - Lines parallel to ear

#12 - Convex wrinkles on the cheek area

If you get to the point of having convex wrinkles on the cheek area and are needing Calc Sulph (#12), your calcium and silica have been chronically low and you have also been acid for a long time. Again, it is vitally important to look at your diet and ensure you are not eating foods and drinking liquids that are making you acid (dairy, fizzy drinks, sugar, refined carbohydrates etc). 


Combining tissue salts

In the first two episodes we spoke about combining tissue salts effectively. Some work well together and other don’t so if you haven’t listened to those episode yet head back there, or read the associated blog posts at 



How much to take will depend on the problem you are trying to solve. Each tissue salt works differently and age and health also need to be considered.

 As a rough guide:

Acute: Use more (For example, 10 tablets dissolved in water and drank over 30 minutes)

Chronic Use less (For example, 1 tablet 3 times per day)

You will notice that each bottle says 1 tablet, 3 times a day. This is a direction for safety. In this series you will notice we have given different quantities for different indications. As always, it is up to you to do your research and if you are not sure, reach out to a professional. 


Quality matters

Some brands are quite hard and do not dissolve very well. The ability to dissolve quickly in your mouth is important for the uptake of the mineral into your blood stream. For this reason, make sure you are purchasing quality mineral salts. 


Where to purchase

We have high quality tissue salts available at the clinic at a very reasonable price. 

Head to to contact the clinic.


Coming soon

A quick reference guide for mineral therapy at home. This is a book Maria has been working on and will be available soon to help you!



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