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Jun 10, 2021

If you had to choose just four essential oils what would you choose? In today's episode we discuss why we choose the essential oils we use on a daily basis and how they could possibly help you too.

When I first found essential oils I was on the lookout for something that could help my patient’s to process emotions. I was introduced to a technique called Raindrop and I was astounded by the results, not only for my patients but also for myself as I was coming in contact with them for 4 hours every day as I was giving the treatments.

The essential oils in the Raindrop treatment are oregano, thyme, basil, wintergreen, cypress, Aroma Seize (blend), peppermint, marjoram and Valor (blend). These essential oils are stimulating and cleansing oils.

My top four essential oils:

1 - Sacred Frankincense

Sacred Frankincense is high frequency and works beautifully for the law of attraction. At the same time it is also a grounding, bringing us back into our bodies. This dual action of raising the vibration while also grounding makes it pretty special. In biblical times, Jesus was given Frankincense. Why? It’s assumed that it was sought after due to the quantity of infant mortality and disease. Sacred Frankincense is higher boswellic acid (the active ingredient) than other types of frankincense. 

2 - Progessence Phyto Plus

Progessence Phyto Plus (blend) balances female hormones and energies (including mindset). I apply this essential oil on my thighs every morning. 

3 - Clary Sage

Clary sage works well with the effect of Progessence Phyto Plus in keeping hormones in ratio with each other. I apply this essential oil over my stomach in the mornings and will add it to my home made face moisturiser if my skin is a bit flushed, which can be a sign of estrogen not being in equilibrium with the body.

4 - Gratitude

Gratitude is a beautiful blend which helps to balance the emotions and get our mindset in the right frame where we can attract high vibration experiences and manifestations. 

My oily routine

  • As soon as I wake up I reach to my bedside table and choose something for a quick pick-me-up (the oil I choose changes).
  • After my shower I put Sacred Frankincense on my face, Gratitude (blend) on my wrists, wintergreen on my neck, deodorant (made up with lavender tea tree and natural ingredients), progessence on my thighs and clary sage on my abdomen. I also make a moisturiser for my face. The essential oils in my moisturiser depends on what I feel I intuitively know as well as looking at my skin and choosing oils which will help. I look for redness, swelling, dry, too moist etc. For example, if it is:
  • Too dry - I will not use frankincense because frankincense dries out the skin (which is why it is good for pimples)
  • Flushed/hot - I know this is an imbalance between progesterone and estrogen so I put a bit of clary sage in the cream
  • A bit puffy - I use geranium because geranium aids detoxification
  • More wrinkly than normal then I reach for helichrysum

During the day, I often add lemon essential oil to my water. Lemon essential oil has an active component called D-limonene which has a lot of benefits.

If I have eaten some sugar (usually dark chocolate), then I will put a drop of ocotea under my tongue and some Juvaflex (blend) over my liver. 

My favourite scent from an essential oil (currently) is lemon myrtle and frankincense. Orange is also a big favourite as it puts you in a happy place almost instantly. 

In the evening I use cedarwood on my forehead to help with sleep.

Michelle’s favourite oils:

  • Progessence and clary sage in the morning
  • Digize in Ningxia to aid digestion
  • Endoflex over adrenals and thyroid
  • Shoulders - Aroma Seiz (blend), marjoram, wintergreen and Panaway (blend) are all used in different combination
  • Orange in the diffuser (with almost every blend)
  • Frankincense on my forehead for clarity
  • Vetiver to help calm myself down (especially if my adrenals are working overtime and I am having trouble grounding). Idaho Balsam Fir is also very good for this.
  • For an energy boost I reach for spruce or Shutran (blend)

Should we rotate our essential oil routines?

While too much of anything can pose a risk to the human body, in the case of essential oils if we are applying them topically or inhaling them, this is unlikely to happen. This is because essential oils attach to receptor sites on cells and if the body does not require the essential oil there will be no receptor site for it to attach to and thus will be excreted out of the body. Essential oils have an action lifespan of about 20 minutes in the human body.

In saying this, if you are not using an essential oil that is pure then it will contain toxins that will absolutely accumulate and cause damage to the body. This is also true for rancid oils.

As far as changing your essential oil routine, your body usually naturally draws away from using it. You may find that you just forget to apply it or perhaps you are no longer drawn to it. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself and your inner guidance on what is good for you and when. 


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Podcast episode

This week’s episode was a conversation between host Maria Arora (Naturopath) and Michelle Marsh (Aromanosis Coach).