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May 25, 2021

This is the third episode of our series on mindset and goal setting.


Today we are talking about mindset and how it affects you. 

Mindset is the way you think and will affect your results. We have a thinking part of the brain which can accept and reject ideas. But we also have a subconscious part of the brain which automatically accepts what comes through to it. It is what is in our subconscious minds which determines our belief systems and paradigms. Our belief systems and paradigms lead us into actions and results. 

When we have an undesirable result that keeps repeating, we know we need to look at our subconscious beliefs and patterns because this is what is driving us to make the decisions/actions which lead to the undesirable result.

How do we change subconscious beliefs and patterns?

By tapping into the emotions which are generated by these subconscious systems we begin to unlock and reshape them.

It sounds like a simple process, and it is, but it also requires steps that require a lot of discipline.

Before we are disciplined however, we need to make some choices.   

Here are some tips:

1 - It may sound obvious but once you know what you want you need to dispose of the things which are not in alignment with your goal and keep (or add in) the things that are in alignment. If you stick to this formula it will help you to make faster choices. 

2 - Connect to your feelings. Sometimes we spend a lot of time thinking about what we should do and we forget to check in with our feelings about the possible choices. 

Once we have made a choice, we need to look at creating new habits and actions which will take us in the direction of that choice.

Most people can begin taking new steps or actions towards their goals, but this is another spot where many people revert back to their old ways. This is because, when we begin something new, we are ultimately faced with challenges that feel extremely difficult because we have not faced them before. This feels very uncomfortable but it is important to know that this feeling of discomfort is where your growth is. Most people however, retreat back to old habits and behaviours at this point because what is ‘known’ is much easier and feels comfortable. 

As we said, creating new habits and sticking to them takes energy and diligence. We all have the capability, it is just whether or not you choose to use it. 



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