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May 18, 2021

This is the second episode of our series on mindset and goal setting.


Today we are talking about goals that have a high chance of succeeding. 

There are three different types of goals: A goals, B goals and C goals. 

A type Goals are things that you already know how to do. This type of goal does not generally fill you with as much passion as the other types of goals.

B type goals are things that if you practice and take certain action with diligence you will be able to achieve. 

C type goals are more difficult to achieve and might even feel like a fantasy. C goals require a lot of steps and action to be taken to achieve. 

The key to achieving any of these goals is the ‘taking action’ part. Without taking action your goals will remain a dream. 

The trap people fall into when looking at C type goals, is being overwhelmed by all the steps needed to achieve the goal. Usually, with this type of goal, it is not possible to know ALL the steps and so it is not uncommon to be stuck in the phase of trying to plan everything out, instead of just getting started. 

When you continue to dream about your vision you will stay in the energy of that dream and by the universal laws of action and reaction you will attract the same frequency. This means you will naturally create steps (or mini A and/or B goals) towards your big C goal. 

Can you achieve big, amazing C goals? Absolutely! There are very few goals (we want) that are not attainable.

Will you put in the required energy to achieve it and believe in yourself enough to take action? This is the big question and the reason many people fail. Either they simply do not want to do the work required or they do not believe it is possible. 

What is the difference between the person who succeeds at their chosen goal versus a person who does not? It comes down to persistence and diligence to keep moving forward, doing the things that most people think are too difficult or unpleasant. The person who succeeds, keeps working at their dream.



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